Through these unprecedented circumstances facing the country our intention is to maintain our service to all customers and meet their requirements wherever and for as long as possible.
We have strict processes and guidance in place for our operational crews to follow when travelling to and working on site. Crews will also work with customers and follow all additional site safety procedures.
We appreciate that we are all facing an evolving situation and must, and will, react and follow Government and NHS guidance to ensure the safety of all staff, customers and colleagues, this is our priority.
Contingency plans are in place to cope with reductions in staff numbers due to any requirements for self-isolation, plus office staff are and will commence home working as appropriate.
The Force One Offices remain open and operational and as the current situation develops, we will issue further information to keep our customers informed.
Patrick Burke
Managing Director

Vacuum Excavation Team Day

Force One Ltd are currently Gold Members of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and have recently signed the “People Matter” charter, demonstrating our dedication to their eight key commitments. These eight commitments cover areas from fair pay and skill development to promoting a positive workplace culture. Force One also have two trained FIR ambassadors who will be working closely with the team to implement the People Matter Charter over the next 12 months.

You can read more information about the Charter here and what it involves. You can also read more about Force One’s Gold Member status with the Supply Chain Sustainability School here, in our member case study.

As we reach the middle of March, we have been reflecting on the hard work carried out by the Force One team so far in 2020 and wanted to show our appreciation to our staff for their enthusiasm and efforts. As part of the People Matter Charter and FIR initiative, we want to promote a positive work place culture and felt that sometimes a thank you can go a long way.

Our hard working operatives are based on sites nationwide, so face to face interaction or communication can sometimes be limited to certain office staff. Whilst the operatives have frequent communication and often see the operations team, they may not as frequently speak to, or see office based individuals such as our accounts department or business development team. We wanted to close that gap and create a cohesive work force, where staff felt respected and valued by all.

Members of the office staff got together and had a brain storming session and decided that putting together a few treats in the form of a ‘goody bag’ would be a nice way to show our gratitude. The team got to work writing a shopping list and a note for each operative explaining our admiration for their efforts and Chloe, our in-house cupcake queen got to baking!

Monday morning came around and everyone was up bright and early, ready to hand out the goody bags to the operatives before they left for work. This way they could start the week on a positive note (because Monday mornings are a little easier when there’s cupcakes, right?)

As you can see from the pictures, everyone was very happy with their Force One goody bags! We were able to check in with the operatives personally to see how they were doing, offer any support and answer any questions they might have had. it was really invaluable to speak and interact with the team face to face before they began a very busy and new week

We will be making changes in our organisation over the next 12 months in line with the People Matter Charter and will be posting regular updates on how it’s going, so keep an eye out on the blog and our social media!

Check out our previous blog post about our FIR ambassadors, Rebecca and Sean here

Suction Excavation News

Exciting news from the Force One HQ, we've been featured in two magazine articles!

Plant Planet Magazine

In March’s edition of the bi-monthly magazine Plant Planet, Force One suction excavators and specialist rail plant are featured on pages 22-24. The magazine is tackling the important question of “Why Vacuum?” covering the history, benefits and uses of suction excavation use in construction. If you're interested in learning about how the technology works, why you should use it and its benefits, check out our handy "How does it work?" section of the website. You can also read about our specialist rail solutions here on our Suction Excavation in the Rail Industry Page

You can view the magazine here, to read the article featuring us!

Earth Movers Magazine

Force One have been featured in an article, covering our bespoke GKD height/slew restriction system. This innovative system allows restrictions to be placed on the arm in areas of a particular safety critical nature, meaning the arm will not venture outside these limitations. Interested in hearing more about how this system can be used? Take a look at our blog post covering this specialist job here! Force One Excels Again - Substation

For more information on how this system works, you can read the Earth Movers Magazine Article here

If you have any questions or wish to discuss anything mentioned in the articles above in further detail, please give us a call on 01354 655441 to find out how Force One can assist you!

Suction Excavation and CPCS

CPCS Transition: From Second Operative to Lead Operative

Over the past few months Force One has seen a number of our CPCS second operatives (CPCS A78G-H) reach a point in their skill set, in which undergoing their Large Goods Vehicle licence was the next progressive step. Once an LGV licence is achieved and the required experience working alongside the suction excavators has been gained, second operatives can transition to the A78(A-F) lead category. The below information details exactly what’s involved in the transition process, as carried out by the Force One CPCS Test Centre recently.

Our CPCS certified second operatives gained a wealth of experience through working on a variety of customer sites including airports, oil refineries, nuclear power stations and more. In the recent months, a group of operatives had naturally reached a point in their development in which obtaining a LGV licence had become the next step. The operatives underwent a detailed course of training with a local LGV school which included both the theory and practical elements and saw the operatives pass their theory tests before passing their practical tests with flying colours.

Once the operatives had achieved their LGV licences and had gained enough valuable confidence and familiarity with driving the suction excavators over the coming months, the CPCS transitional test would allow them to add the CPCS A78(A-F) endorsement to their cards. This transitional test (CPCS A93) comprises of a practical only element covering the below activities:

  • Prepare the machine for work
  • Travel over various ground conditions in both a loaded and unloaded state and manoeuvre in confined spaces, executing full right and left hand turns in a forward and reverse direction
  • Position to excavate
  • Discharge and complete work
  • Place machine out of service

This practical test can be carried out at verified A78 CPCS test centres and allows operatives to progress and develop their skill sets thorough the CPCS scheme.

We are pleased to confirm that the group of operatives that had reached this natural progression point in the previous months at Force One, are currently undergoing or have achieved their transitional practical tests! We’re very proud of our operatives and their determination to progress and grow within their roles here at Force One.

Interested in our training and testing services?

For more information on the Force One CPCS Test Centre and the services offered, please see the link below to our dedicated test centre website

Force One CPCS Test Centre Website

You can also contact us with any training and testing enquiries on or 01354 655441 and we would be more than happy to assist you.

​Fairness, Inclusion and Respect – Our Experience as Ambassadors

Ahead of 'Time To Talk day' on 6th February 2020, a national campaign with the aim of breaking down the stigma surrounding talking about mental health, we spoke to our company FIR Ambassadors and Mental Health First Aiders about their experience so far in the role and implementing the initiates into the company.

Sean Strohman

Since joining the supply chain sustainability school and then becoming a FIR ambassador I have been in a position to help heighten awareness within our workforce of the importance of FIR. Along with my colleague Rebecca Billimore, also a FIR ambassador, we have also influenced company policy through knowledge gained from the Schools fantastic free courses and supporting information on, not only FIR, but EDI, mental health and much more.

What I have personally found very rewarding is seeing new company practices and procedures being set in place to reflect the importance of FIR within the workplace. An example of this is all new recruits, as part of their introduction to our company, will firstly receive from either myself or Rebecca a presentation on FIR generally followed by a more company orientated talk outlining our FIR ethos and support available to our employees.

Being seen as an FIR ambassador has allowed individuals to approach me with questions or concerns and to be able to help or resolve these together or with the input of other company members.

Its now almost twelve months since I became an FIR ambassador and during that time I have noticed a greater confidence towards and acceptance of FIR by our overall workforce. So I feel I have, with the total buy in of my company, helped make a difference, changed attitudes and made people more aware of the person next to them and the consideration that each and all of us deserve regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.

So in short it’s been a rewarding journey…

Rebecca Billimore

Since becoming a FIR ambassador I have also changed my job role to the scheduling, I believe that Fairness, Inclusion and Respect pays a massive part in this job role on a day to day basis. I am one of the first points of call for the operatives in the field. I am lucky to work in a role that means I speak to a lot of the staff at Force One on daily basis and often speak to them about a variety of things, from how they’re feeling today to where they are working next week. Whether these conversations are 30 seconds or 5 minutes, its valuable time to ensure that the operatives feel fairly treated, included and respected due to not having the face to face interaction with them every day that I do with the staff based in the office. Tying in closely with these values is the mental health first aid qualification I sat 12 months ago, when my role was administration based. I am now able to more effectively put these principles into practice supporting the operatives should they require it. I’m looking forward to putting more FIR initiatives into practice in 2020 alongside Sean, I have found it to be a very positive experience.

For further detail on the positive impact becoming an active member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, follow the link below to read our gold member case study.

Gold Member: Force One Limited Case Study

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