​Fairness, Inclusion and Respect – Our Experience as Ambassadors

Ahead of 'Time To Talk day' on 6th February 2020, a national campaign with the aim of breaking down the stigma surrounding talking about mental health, we spoke to our company FIR Ambassadors and Mental Health First Aiders about their experience so far in the role and implementing the initiates into the company.

Sean Strohman

Since joining the supply chain sustainability school and then becoming a FIR ambassador I have been in a position to help heighten awareness within our workforce of the importance of FIR. Along with my colleague Rebecca Billimore, also a FIR ambassador, we have also influenced company policy through knowledge gained from the Schools fantastic free courses and supporting information on, not only FIR, but EDI, mental health and much more.

What I have personally found very rewarding is seeing new company practices and procedures being set in place to reflect the importance of FIR within the workplace. An example of this is all new recruits, as part of their introduction to our company, will firstly receive from either myself or Rebecca a presentation on FIR generally followed by a more company orientated talk outlining our FIR ethos and support available to our employees.

Being seen as an FIR ambassador has allowed individuals to approach me with questions or concerns and to be able to help or resolve these together or with the input of other company members.

Its now almost twelve months since I became an FIR ambassador and during that time I have noticed a greater confidence towards and acceptance of FIR by our overall workforce. So I feel I have, with the total buy in of my company, helped make a difference, changed attitudes and made people more aware of the person next to them and the consideration that each and all of us deserve regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.

So in short it’s been a rewarding journey…

Rebecca Billimore

Since becoming a FIR ambassador I have also changed my job role to the scheduling, I believe that Fairness, Inclusion and Respect pays a massive part in this job role on a day to day basis. I am one of the first points of call for the operatives in the field. I am lucky to work in a role that means I speak to a lot of the staff at Force One on daily basis and often speak to them about a variety of things, from how they’re feeling today to where they are working next week. Whether these conversations are 30 seconds or 5 minutes, its valuable time to ensure that the operatives feel fairly treated, included and respected due to not having the face to face interaction with them every day that I do with the staff based in the office. Tying in closely with these values is the mental health first aid qualification I sat 12 months ago, when my role was administration based. I am now able to more effectively put these principles into practice supporting the operatives should they require it. I’m looking forward to putting more FIR initiatives into practice in 2020 alongside Sean, I have found it to be a very positive experience.

For further detail on the positive impact becoming an active member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, follow the link below to read our gold member case study.

Gold Member: Force One Limited Case Study

RN Unit Solution!

Recently, we carried out a job utilising a piece of supporting plant alongside the suction excavator fleet. The above images taken on site detail an example of the use of one of our RN Nozzle tracked units successfully completing a safe dig suction excavation project working in and around a very sensitive gas network AGI. Due to the sensitivity of the site, underground services and safe working practice requirements, we carried out post and gate post excavations for a security fence plus foundation excavations for a perimeter path. Any possible service strikes were avoided and all material excavated was removed from the excavation point back to our high power road based suction vehicle positioned up to 40 metres away from the excavation.

Apart from the safety of the dig process and speed of completion, the site remained extremely tidy with no spoil heaps around the excavations, little or no manual handling requirement and dramatically reduced vehicle movements around site.

With our range of high power suction machines, extension hoses and pipes plus specialist radio controlled RN units we can tackle the most challenging distance and depth excavation projects, so may have a solution to your complex project? Contact Force One and let us see if we can assist……

365 days as a Mental Health First Aider: Vincent

Vincent has now been a qualified mental health first aider at Force One Limited for 12 months, working as an operative out in the field. He operates suction excavators daily, alongside a growing team of colleagues on a variety of work sites.

A year later, we decided to document Vinny’s thoughts and experiences on becoming a mental health first aider and its role in his day to day work. Vinny thoroughly enjoyed the training course itself and found it eye opening and challenging to learn about the struggles many people face with mental health.

When speaking to Vinny, he said that becoming a mental health first aider is the best thing he has ever done. It has helped him support others in the workplace as well as in his personal life. The tools that he was taught are transferable and have enabled him to understand and support others in a way that he wasn’t previously aware of. He noted that he has been a popular resource within the Force One team and that team members of all ages have spoken to him for advice and guidance both formally and informally. He was shocked at how many people he had spoken to in such a short space of time and that it wasn’t always direct mental health support that colleagues discussed with him. It varied from thing such as worries, feelings of stress or confidence issues and allowed him to provide advice or simply a non-judgemental ear to listen.

Ahead of ‘Time to Talk day’ on 6th February 2020, Force One Ltd with the help of our in-house mental health first aiders will be promoting awareness across our company with posters, conversation starter packs and mini games provided by Time To Change.

A Service Station Challenge!

This week, Force One operations update followed our skilled operatives working alongside an active motorway service station.

They tackled a challenging task, working around/near a busy services located in the south. In preparation for a planned extension, new ducting needed to be laid which required the existing services to be uncovered.

Due to the location of the excavation being beside a key service road, traffic could not be obstructed. This proposed a problematic circumstance as our machine was not able to be positioned next to the excavation site. Following a site visit and some planning from our operations team, they overcame this obstacle by safely positioning our high-power suction excavator away from the traffic flow and utilised one of our small remote nozzle units. This was connected to our vac ex by 35 metres of 250mm diameter extension hose.

The result meant that they were able to utilise safe dig suction excavation across the length of the service run and successfully carry out the excavation without affecting the operation of the fuel service station.

Keep an eye out next week for a blog update regarding our Mental Health First Aider Vincent, after 12 months in the role!

A Very Merry Force One Christmas!

Things have been getting very festive here at the Force One head office, the decorations have gone up (there is glitter everywhere!) and we decided to run a little Christmas card competition.

Everyone in the office wishing to participate was given a deadline of the 6th December to have their Force One related Christmas master piece finished by. We decided it would only be fair to share these pieces artwork with the world - although as you will see below, we really aren't graphic designers or artists!




Which one is your favourite? We think they'll stick to the day job of being specialists Suction Excavation rather than Christmas Cards!

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