RISQS audited and part of the Plant Operational Scheme (POS) with directly employed PTS certified operational teams sponsored by Force One Ltd which are capable of undertaking a range of rail projects quickly and effectively.

We operate a number of vehicles within our Suction Excavator fleet, which are fitted with specialist safety equipment allowing for safe operation within highly sensitive environments.

These machines, together with our specialist qualified operating teams, carry out work across numerous refineries/petrochemical and gas sites throughout the UK.

Force One Ltd were one of the first to introduce this technology to airports across the UK. Benefits of using this method rapidly became recognised resulting in Suction Excavation being written into many site preferred excavation techniques.

We operate across not only civilian airports but also MoD sites nationally. Our teams are airside driver passed, security cleared and familiar with operational requirements.

A safe and fast method of excavation, using Suction Excavation helps reduce operative and vehicle numbers required on highway projects. One machine can excavate, contain and remove material from the excavation area.

Excavations are smaller, require less barriers once excavation is complete and require less material to reinstate.

Our diverse range of Suction Excavators have been applied to a variety of civil engineering projects across the UK. The unique power of these vehicles offer the ability to work at distance and depth.

This opens up the option for Remote Nozzles to remove the operative from the point of excavation, increasing safety for all personnel. This offers a new, safer and more effective solution.

Suction Excavation is perfectly suited to the more sensitive environments found within electrical facilities.

Where conventional methods have a high risk of service strikes and injuries, Suction Excavation is the ideal solution offering a safer and more effective alternative.

Suction Excavation provides the safest method of excavation over and around multiple services.

Generally, excavating over utilities will be within the highway (including the footway and verge), in residential, built up or construction areas. Benefits of this method include; reducing the size of excavations, removing spoil, and cutting down on barriers, signs and site traffic.

Our teams clear all types of material from reservoir slabs, roof areas, industrial filters, eco fuel storage units, silos/tanks, basements and many more.

Extracting material from distance, depth or height makes utilising Suction Extraction a new, safe and fast option.

The possibilities are constantly growing as the awareness for this technology increases.

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