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Suction Excavation

Within this section our intention is to provide current and possible future clients with the information needed to help gain an understanding of the technology of Suction excavation/extraction, it's possible applications, the positive points of using this system and any possible limitations.

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About Force One

Force One Ltd was established to provide both a safe dig suction/vacuum excavation service to safely expose buried services whilst also offering a more specialist operation catering for complex projects requiring material extraction and excavation from depth, height and distance.

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Take a look at our library of images to see the types of projects that this new excavation method has been used for.

This technology can be applied not only to digging trenches and trial holes but also many other applications that may benefit from suction excavators and vacuum systems in general.

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Suction Excavation video clips showing just a small selection of projects this technology has been used for.

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