The TC2 Suction Cubes are a further addition to the Force One rail fleet enabling ballast clearance for localised wet beds, catch pit and UTX chamber clearance. In conjunction with S&C refurbishment and bearer replacement, the Suction Cubes significantly reduce the requirement for manual excavation of crib and formation ballast.

Force One Suction Cube enhancements and modifications are inclusive of:

  • Increase suction/air flow
  • Fully upgraded LED lighting system.
  • Latest ‘inert’ dust suppression system
  • Onboard CCTV direct from nozzle to operator’s screen

Working in conjunction with the Suction Cube, Force One are able to offer a hydraulic Bulk Bag Handling Bucket. Collected ballast/spoil can be unload directly from the Suction Cube into the bucket, which in turn deposits into a bulk bag suspended below. Hydraulically operated from the operator’s cab, once deposited, the loaded bulk bag can be removed directly off site.

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