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"I recently announced the addition of our latest high power suction vehicle to our fleet and posted a number of impressive images - You may well have looked at the images and read the post which is all very good, but I know what was not conveyed was what these machines do and why you would use them! ......... So I now want to put that right!"

Take a look at the images below as these show the machine on site working"The project involved the clearance of 120 plus tonnes of gravel covering a section of reservoir roof needing repair. Normally this type of project is undertaken by hand using basic tools, shovels, wheel barrows etc. and involves a mass of manual handling, time and money.

The material needed to be removed from the slab and placed in tonne bags for reuse or removal from site later.

From the images you can see our machine, extension pipes to reach across the slab, a hopper bagging system and our two men.

We completed the project in three days working restricted hours – 8.30am to 4.00pm.

All involved agreed this approach was a big step forward being fast, virtually eliminating manual handling, dramatically reducing man power required was clean and affective.

Our machines can move material over distance or from depth or can be used in its standard configuration excavating pits and trenches.

To know more call our team on 01354 655 441 or visit our website

Source: Patrick Burke ¦ Managing Director

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