A brick egg sewer clearance and replacement by open cut methodology. The material within the 900mm x 600mm sewer was from an old dry river bed consisting of silt, shale, rocks, small boulders and brick fragments due to the collapse.

Working from the cofferdam entrance shaft, a section of the sewer was exposed allowing for entrance to the remainder of the sewer.

As previous method of Jet Vac caused further damage to the sewer, Force One and dry suction was utilised along with its more suitable, larger, 250mm intake nozzle.

Force One were able to use 15m of extension hose to excavate 30m of the sewer (15m in both directions). High power, triple fan Suction Excavator was used for this project to maintain suction power throughout the extension hose.

As Force One were able to use extension hoses, this removed the need to open the entire sewer reducing the time, machines and operatives required resulting in less disruption to the local area, road closures and mass excavation providing considerable cost savings.

By clearing the material from the course of the sewer the main structure was conserved allowing for repair as opposed to total replacement.

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