Force One Ltd Operatives working with Network Rail on a large re-engineering project at London Kings Cross. Our role in this project was to uncover existing cables through the tunnel.

The cable trough ran the length of the 500m tunnel and contained previously used services. This shallow trough was 300mm deep and 300mm wide. The ground conditions were granular debris and silt material.

As the tunnel was subject to a height restriction, this required a smaller 26t Suction Excavator. The limited space also required a specially made intake nozzle.

Hazards within the tunnel consisted of dust and fumes which required forced air masks which each operative used as well as a ventilation system at the entrance of the tunnel to increase airflow.

The expected duration of the extraction was 5 shifts, however, due to productivity, the 500m trough was cleared within shifts (inclusive of inductions, site set up and clearance time).

The Suction Excavator safely exposed the cables and any material within close proximity that may re-enter the troughing.

Using the Suction Excavator and an air lance, all material within the troughing was safely and effectively extracted.

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