Suction Excavation image library showing the vast array of projects this new excavation method has been used for. You will see that this technology can be applied not only to digging trenches and trial holes but also many other applications that may benefit from suction excavators and vacuum systems in general. If you have a project and you think that there may be a use for Vacuum system technology please contact our staff and we will answer the questions you may have... Click on the images below to visit each gallery

We have a very adaptable nature at Force One Ltd giving us the ability to complete many different projects.

With the investment into our brand new, one-of-a-kind RRV, Force One are offering suction excavation solutions on the rail.

The main advantage to suction excavation is its ability to safely excavate round hidden utilities avoiding cable strikes and minimise risk.

Force One have completed projects at numerous airports nationwide including solving airside challenges.

With additional flexible pipes, our suction excavators can excavate down to 60m (dependant upon material).

With additional flexible pipes, our suction excavators can excavate up to distances of 200m (dependant upon material).

See it in action…

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