Suction Excavation can be used in a wide range of industries. This section shows it's versatility. For a more detailed look at each, follow the individual links.


RISQS audited, PTS operatives and specialist rail equipment allow Force One to offer suction excavation on-track


Specialist safety equipment allows Force One to offer suction excavation solutions to refineries


Force One are experienced in landside and airside operations with safe dig over and around services


Road based suction excavators offer the ideal solution to excavating within the highway as a single machine can excavate, contain and remove material from point of excavation

Civil Engineering

Ability to extract material from distance and depth with the tracked remote units and extension hose

Sub Stations

Eliminating the risk to operative and buried service maximising safety by using suction excavation over and around services


The ideal solution to safely excavating over and around existing services


With high risk excavations, suction technology eliminates the risk to operative and the services

Specialist Material

Suction excavation is able to be applied to various projects with its ability to extract material from distance and depth

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