Our mini tracked vehicles can be attached by a 250mm diameter flexi extension intake hose to our triple & quad fan high power suction vehicles and operate at distances of 100m plus from these machines.

Controlled from a hand held remote unit with HD monitor our operators can manoeuvre these sure-footed vehicles into difficult to reach areas such as culverts, gullies, tunnels, holding tanks, basements etc. and thanks to its high power lights and HD cameras have a clear view of operations without the need to be at the point of excavation.

Alternatively these lightweight highly manoeuvrable machines can be configured to work in areas where large quantities of material need to be removed but conventional methods, hand dig and mechanical excavation, would be impracticable

These additions to the Force One Ltd range of hire vehicles give you even greater choice when deciding how best to tackle sensitive excavations and the ability to now apply this safe dig technology to a greater scope of applications that previously would have been beyond suction technology.

Possible applications:

  • Culvert clearance
  • Tunnel clearance
  • Basements & Sub Basements clearance
  • Storage/Filter Tank clearance
  • Sub Station works
  • Confined space works
  • Underground reservoir works
  • Drain clearance
  • Working under overhead cables/obstructions
  • Working in areas where exhaust fumes are prohibited
  • Oil/Gas refineries
  • Bridge excavations (low weight bearing)
  • Shipping – ballast/storage tank clearance
  • Gully excavation/clearance
Technical Specifications

Dimensions etc as follows:

  • Weight - 600Kg
  • Width - 1000mm
  • Height - 1200mm (without hose support fitted)
  • Length - 2900mm (4000mm with excavator arm extended)
  • Overall Height including hose support system approx 2000mm

Boom arm movement:

  • Height 1700mm
  • Reach (forward) 1165mm
  • Depth (from ground level) 426mm
  • Slew/Arc of boom from centre line 45% (683mm to either side)

Specification points:

  • Hydraulically operated.
  • No exhaust fumes.
  • 600kg weight (approx).
  • Rubber tracked.
  • 3 x operating configurations.
  • HD Video Camera link if required.
  • High power fixed lighting.
  • Operates 80/100mtrs from suction vehicle.
  • Removes manual handling.

To know more about this new and unique vehicle together with its possible applications contact any of our team at our head office on 01354 655441.
Mini remote unit image 1
Mini remote unit image 2

See it in action…

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