What is Suction Excavation?

Force One 26t Suction Excavator with fully remote-controlled power arm

Suction or vacuum excavation is a method of removing material from an excavation point by the use of suction power where high-volume air flow – suction – is generated sufficient to pull material, ground/soil etc. and create an excavation/pit.

This process allows the safe exposure of buried services or utilities including gas, electric, water, telecoms and fibre. This technology and approach avoids the requirement for invasive digging methods such as hand digging or the use of traditional mechanical excavators, thereby virtually eliminating possible cable or service damage.

How Does it Work?

The process is simple - A Suction Excavator generates a high volume flow of air by means of its single/twin/triple or even quod air fans.

Air flows through the machines intake nozzle and hose into a series of chambers, including the main material storage tank, before passing through a micro mesh filter system and then out into the atmosphere.

Why Use the Force one Service?

We were one of the first fleet operators to offer a Suction Excavation service in the UK and as such have built a strong customer base across many industries and gained invaluable experience.

We have expanded our fleet of Suction/Vacuum Excavators and we currently operate a fleet of fifteen 26 and 32 & 41tonne vehicles and plan to continue our expansion through 2016 and into 2017” to “We are consistently expanding our fleet of high power Suction Excavators and innovative add-ons to offer a diverse range of solutions. Please contact us to find out our latest developments

Remote Unit

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Our tracked vehicles can be attached by a 250mm diameter flexi extension intake hose to our triple & quad fan high power suction vehicles and operate at distances of 100m plus from these machines.

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