Here, Force One Operative’s are operating one of our 26t Suction Excavator’s on a Power Station.

This Suction Excavator has a full power arm and is operated via remote control.

For this project, Force One safely excavated the 50-60m trench that will be used to lay 4 new cable ducts. This trench went down to a depth of 1.7m.

This Suction Excavator has a fully remote-controlled power arm giving the operative full control. The benefits of the full-power arm are that the operative can position themselves in a safe working area with maximising vision and accuracy of the operative resulting in a tidier and safer working area.

Safety of the operative and the services are always number one priority with Force One. As this trench revealed existing cables, a plastic nozzle was used to eliminate any potential contact between the nozzle and the hidden cables. As Suction Excavators utilise the flow of air created by the on-board fan system, this pulls material up through the nozzle preserving the buried services.

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