What Makes The Difference?

So, this month I was asked to write a blog update for our web site. No problem I thought! I then thought what shall I cover and immediately started to think about our trucks, the support equipment we have developed, new machines awaiting delivery even the jobs some of our high-power machines have been tackling recently...

I then thought let’s have a look at what others in the industry have been posting. After all, there’s no point in reinventing the wheel.

I rapidly found almost all, including our past posts, referred to equipment, trucks, jobs done, trucks cleaned, satisfied customers, machines ready for the coming weeks work...

All important and interesting but the one thing that is not mentioned enough is the thing that really matters and makes the difference to any company gaining and maintaining business, and for that matter growing business, and that’s it’s people.

So, I just want to mention the fantastic team we have at Force One. From a customer viewpoint these are mainly the guys who arrive on site to carry out the works.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard customers say, “fantastic equipment” or “excellent job done”. Welcome comments and pleasing but even more so are “Your guys are fantastic” “Helpful” “ willing to get the job done” or just “your guys are no trouble”.

These comments come from the fact that our operatives care. They want to do the job well and live up to, and if possible, surpass, the expectations of our customers.

They know to a great extent a truck is a truck but it’s the knowledge and skill of the operative plus a willingness to engage that makes the difference.

Now I could, and should, extend my comments to all of the Force One team, the fitters that support our field operatives. The business development team that visits sites to assess possible works and assist our customers. And all our office staff making sure the company functions day to day. And maybe that’s another blog, but for now I just want to highlight those guys operating our trucks and rail equipment day in and day out. They represent the face of Force One and its their approach, skill, experience, and commitment that make the difference for our company.

So, for me what makes the difference? It’s the guys doing the job.

- Sean Strohman, Business Development Executive

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