Suction Excavation Charity Partnership

Here at Force One Ltd we acknowledge we are not always perfect when it comes to our environmental impact, due to the nature of our business. However, we believe our partnership with Trees for Life is a small yet important step, that we can take towards making a positive commitment to the environment in which we all live and operate. The work that Trees for Life carry out includes supporting the wildlife that calls the vast Scottish Highlands home, restoring ecological diversity and enriching the habitat through rewilding.

Whilst there is an ample amount of additional changes to be made and improvements to carry out in order to reduce our environmental impact as a company, we feel contributing to the rewilding of the Caledonian Forest is a great place to start.

For each day, that our dedicated suction excavator is on hire, we will donate one tree through our company grove with Trees for Life.

You can keep track of our progress, via our online company grove here

By donating trees, Trees for Life can carry out the below three goals:

  • Saving the forest by planting native trees, helping propagation, and encouraging forest regeneration
  • Supporting wildlife, reintroducing missing species such as the red squirrel into the forest.
  • Inspiring people of all ages to get involved with rewilding for the development of new skills and improved wellbeing.

Having planted nearly two million trees, they have worked for over 25 years to rescue the Caledonian forest. It is validated and verified under the Woodland Carbon Code, providing reassurance about the transparency of the scheme and the targets it will realistically achieve.

Alongside this partnership, we will continue to produce our annual carbon footprint report and monitor our emissions as well as exploring more environmentally friendly alternatives within suction excavation. From reducing waste in the head office, to educating and encouraging more sustainable habits within Force One team, no matter how small the changes are, it’s a start.

To speak to a member of the team at Force One about hiring our new suction excavator, or how we could help with your suction excavation requirements, please call on 01354 655441 or email us at and we would be happy to assist.

For more information about the hard work that Trees for Life carry out, please visit their website here

General enquiries, Tree and Grove Dedications and Donations:

Telephone: 01309 691292

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Suction Excavation Charity Partnership
Here at Force One Ltd we acknowledge we are not always perfect when it comes to our environmental more
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