Vacuum Excavation Team Day

Force One Ltd are currently Gold Members of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and have recently signed the “People Matter” charter, demonstrating our dedication to their eight key commitments. These eight commitments cover areas from fair pay and skill development to promoting a positive workplace culture. Force One also have two trained FIR ambassadors who will be working closely with the team to implement the People Matter Charter over the next 12 months.

You can read more information about the Charter here and what it involves. You can also read more about Force One’s Gold Member status with the Supply Chain Sustainability School here, in our member case study.

As we reach the middle of March, we have been reflecting on the hard work carried out by the Force One team so far in 2020 and wanted to show our appreciation to our staff for their enthusiasm and efforts. As part of the People Matter Charter and FIR initiative, we want to promote a positive work place culture and felt that sometimes a thank you can go a long way.

Our hard working operatives are based on sites nationwide, so face to face interaction or communication can sometimes be limited to certain office staff. Whilst the operatives have frequent communication and often see the operations team, they may not as frequently speak to, or see office based individuals such as our accounts department or business development team. We wanted to close that gap and create a cohesive work force, where staff felt respected and valued by all.

Members of the office staff got together and had a brain storming session and decided that putting together a few treats in the form of a ‘goody bag’ would be a nice way to show our gratitude. The team got to work writing a shopping list and a note for each operative explaining our admiration for their efforts and Chloe, our in-house cupcake queen got to baking!

Monday morning came around and everyone was up bright and early, ready to hand out the goody bags to the operatives before they left for work. This way they could start the week on a positive note (because Monday mornings are a little easier when there’s cupcakes, right?)

As you can see from the pictures, everyone was very happy with their Force One goody bags! We were able to check in with the operatives personally to see how they were doing, offer any support and answer any questions they might have had. it was really invaluable to speak and interact with the team face to face before they began a very busy and new week

We will be making changes in our organisation over the next 12 months in line with the People Matter Charter and will be posting regular updates on how it’s going, so keep an eye out on the blog and our social media!

Check out our previous blog post about our FIR ambassadors, Rebecca and Sean here

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