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CPCS Transition: From Second Operative to Lead Operative

Over the past few months Force One has seen a number of our CPCS second operatives (CPCS A78G-H) reach a point in their skill set, in which undergoing their Large Goods Vehicle licence was the next progressive step. Once an LGV licence is achieved and the required experience working alongside the suction excavators has been gained, second operatives can transition to the A78(A-F) lead category. The below information details exactly what’s involved in the transition process, as carried out by the Force One CPCS Test Centre recently.

Our CPCS certified second operatives gained a wealth of experience through working on a variety of customer sites including airports, oil refineries, nuclear power stations and more. In the recent months, a group of operatives had naturally reached a point in their development in which obtaining a LGV licence had become the next step. The operatives underwent a detailed course of training with a local LGV school which included both the theory and practical elements and saw the operatives pass their theory tests before passing their practical tests with flying colours.

Once the operatives had achieved their LGV licences and had gained enough valuable confidence and familiarity with driving the suction excavators over the coming months, the CPCS transitional test would allow them to add the CPCS A78(A-F) endorsement to their cards. This transitional test (CPCS A93) comprises of a practical only element covering the below activities:

  • Prepare the machine for work
  • Travel over various ground conditions in both a loaded and unloaded state and manoeuvre in confined spaces, executing full right and left hand turns in a forward and reverse direction
  • Position to excavate
  • Discharge and complete work
  • Place machine out of service

This practical test can be carried out at verified A78 CPCS test centres and allows operatives to progress and develop their skill sets thorough the CPCS scheme.

We are pleased to confirm that the group of operatives that had reached this natural progression point in the previous months at Force One, are currently undergoing or have achieved their transitional practical tests! We’re very proud of our operatives and their determination to progress and grow within their roles here at Force One.

Interested in our training and testing services?

For more information on the Force One CPCS Test Centre and the services offered, please see the link below to our dedicated test centre website

Force One CPCS Test Centre Website

You can also contact us with any training and testing enquiries on or 01354 655441 and we would be more than happy to assist you.

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