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Force One Ltd was one of the first UK companies to enter the Safe Dig suction excavation sector back in 2004 and over the years we have become established as a specialist in dealing with the more unusual projects including extracting material at distance.

Strangely we always seem to establish how far we can pull material as a result of having completed a project i.e. “we’ve just finished works where we removed material over a distance of 'X' metres This figure, over the years and with numerous projects has grown.

So when an opportunity arose to test our largest and most powerful triple fan vehicle in a non-works environment we jumped at the chance!

We decided to use a heavy ballast type material containing wet soil/mud/grit etc. in an attempt to recreate the types of material we normally encounter on site. Our objective was to establish just how far, in a reasonably straight line, our machine could pull this material.

For this demonstration we decided to use twin wall ducting as opposed to our dedicated re-enforced 250mm diameter flexi extension pipes. The twin wall allowed for easy to obtain low cost quantity purely for this demonstration.

We set out 226 meters of pipework connected our machine and when ready engaged the suction fans. Once an air flow was established we presented the ballast material to the pipe run and were very pleased to see the material being pulled through and back to our machine. What was even more encouraging was the level of suction power was such that we believed had we had more lengths of pipe we could have extended the distance possibly by another 40 to 60 meters.

So the result of our demonstration/test was that we established that our triple fan high power machine was more capable then we had believed and that depending on material type could pull material over distances of between 200 and 300 mtrs. Establishing this will allow greater confidence when evaluating future complex projects and talking with clients.

Hopefully you will find this information interesting and possibly even make you think of utilising suction technology on a project you are tackling? If this is the case or if you just want to know more contact our office and talk with Sean, our Business Development Manager who is always at hand to take your call. Sean has extensive knowledge of the industry, of the machinery and can visit you on site prior to making a booking, should you need advice about a project.

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Sean, our Business Development Manager is always at hand to take a call. Sean has extensive knowledge of the industry, of the machinery and can visit you on site prior to making a booking, should you need advice about a project.

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